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Fireworks Illegal in the City of Velda City

Per ordinance:

[CC 1974 §205.040; Ord. No. 46 §§1 — 2, 10-14-1947]

No person shall willfully or promiscuously fire, discharge, or explode and shoot off any gun or pistol or set off, use, burn, explode or fire off any firecrackers, fireworks, torpedoes, bombs, rockets, pin wheels, fire balloons, Roman candles, toy cannons, toy pistols, except paper cap pistols, or other fireworks of a like kind, within this City. Provided however, that this Section shall not apply to parks or other public places when in charge of competent persons and under a permit issued by the Board of Aldermen.

No person, firm, or corporation shall sell, or expose for sale any fireworks, firecrackers, torpedoes, bombs, rockets, pin wheels, fire balloons, Roman candles, toy cannons, toy pistols, except paper cap pistols, or any other fireworks of like kind, within the City.
Zero tolerance will be enforced and violators will be cited and have all fireworks confiscated.

Velda City Police Department Partners with Ring!

In partnership with Ring, Ring has offered all Velda City and Flordell Hills residents $25 off of the purchase of several Ring devices by using the the promo code 6veldacity (all lowercase) at www.ring.com. The promo code can be applied to the Ring Video Doorbell 2, Ring Video Doorbell, Video Doorbell Pro, and Ring Floodlight Cam. Ring devices can be used to share footage of suspicious activity in the neighborhood while remaining anonymous. Stop by the Velda City Police Department for more information and pickup a flyer. If you have any product questions you can contact Ring by email: guard@ring.com or call at (855) 688-7756 ext. 6.

Storm Update From Ameren

Good morning!


Just wanted to update you on Ameren Missouri’s efforts to restore power following this morning’s severe storms.  There are currently over 59,000 customers without service, with the most orders reported in the areas of Berkeley, Maryland Heights and Ladue.  The majority of the outages have been caused by downed trees, damaged power poles and downed wires. Ameren Missouri field crews, with the help of a drone, are working to assess damage – use of the drone will expedite safe and efficient damage assessment, so that crews can begin to make necessary repairs.  When the storm hit this morning, we experienced extreme call volume, which affected our order system, but it has been corrected, and we hope to soon have estimated restoration times to report.  Our new outage map, amerenmissouri.com/outages, is experiencing technical difficulty, and we hope to have that updated soon, so customers can check on their outages.  In the meantime, they can visit the Ameren Mobile app for outage information by zip code.


As further information, our system is built to meet National Electrical Safety Code (NESC) and Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute (EEEI) standards meaning we could sustain wind speed of near 90 mph for structures greater than 60 ft. above ground, and 60 mph for structures shorter than 60 ft. above the ground.


Please encourage residents to call Customer Care at 1-800-552-7583 or 314-342-1000 to report outages, and create an order for a field crew to respond. If you have any questions, please call, text or email me!

Thank you, and stay safe,



STEPHANIE ROBINSON  : :  Supervisor, Municipal Accounts – Business and Community Relations  : :  T 314.554.2438  : :  C 314-637-6241

Ameren Missouri  : :  1901 Chouteau Avenue  : :  St. Louis, MO 63103

Yes on Prop P

Prop P is a vital initiative to provide law enforcement with the manpower and resources necessary to keep themselves and county residents safe. The proceeds from the one half of one percent sales would be earmarked for county and municipal law enforcement needs.

Revenues generated by this tax would be shared with each municipality in St. Louis County. The proposed tax would generate approximately $80 million annually.

For more information visit:



Our phones will be down as we upgrade the phone system on 02-09-2017. The scheduled upgrade has an unknown completion time for the day, but should be operational by 02-10-2017. For Police related matters ONLY, please contact our dispatch @ 636.529.8210. For ALL other matters, please wait until 02-10-2017 to call.