Ward One

Ward One is comprised of the following streets/apartment complexes:

Cambridge Apartments
Claremore: 6904-7000
Colonial: 2800-2834
Leedale: 6800-6900
Lincoln: 2900-2925
Lucas and Hunt: 2200-2802
Maurer: 2700-2800
Maywood Apartments
Myron: 6904-7000
Normandale: 6800-6900
Parkdale: 6900-6940

From: Alderwoman Y. Battle

I need you to come  help me start a Neighborhood Task Force.

We need people who can give their skill, expertise, time and knowledge of home repairs. A Lot of our homes need repairs and we are all on a fixed income. If Habitat for Humanity can do it, why can’t we do it for us? My proposal is the homeowner buys the supplies and we provide the labor of love. Just think about some of the homes on your block that need some repairs. It would be better to live in a well kept block instead of a run down block. Remember when you first moved out here how beautiful it was? That is what made you invest in your home and you worked hard to keep it.

Keeping the property up will keep away rodents, stray animals, uncaring residents and squatters. Please call me at 314-437-7613.

I need volunteers to help put together our first Spring Dance. Yes, music, dancing food and beverages. Call me at 314-437-7613

Also needed are officers for Block units for Normandale and Leedale. Call me at 314-437-7613

I am reaching out to you and sharing with you the things I would like to get accomplished to make our area the best place to live in St. Louis. I cannot do this alone. I need your help and your input. I need you to come to the Board Meetings held every 2nd Wednesday of the month at 6:30PM at the Velda City Municipal Building at 2560 Lucas and Hunt, Velda City, MO 63121.

I wasn’t here in the past, but I represent the now and the future. One thing I do know is if you keep dwelling in the past, nothing will get better for the future. I can only do so much; I need you to talk to me, meet with me and work with me. If you don’t do this then you can’t complain about nothing getting done. I like to think we can all work together. What about you? Here is my number: 314-437-7613.

Our next board meeting is March 9th at 6:30PM at City Hall at 2560 Lucas and Hunt, Velda City, MO 63121. I will be looking for you to be there.


Always with love,


Alderwoman Y. Battle